While there is no ‘magic recipe’ for economic prosperity, we do know a few of the ingredients that must be a part of formula. To make Western NY, the Southern Tier and the Finger Lakes fertile ground for business investment and growth, we must have:

  • Communication Infrastructure: High speed internet access in our downtowns, so that our businesses can compete with those in bigger cities, and our homes, so that our kids and workers have access to education and job resources. 
  • Transportation Infrastructure: Our roads, bridges and railways must be properly maintained to make our towns and businesses easily reachable; additionally, we need transportation systems that support working class people and their families getting to work and school easily and quickly. 
  • Education & Workforce Readiness: Our schools must be supported by paying teachers what they deserve and their curriculum must evolve and adapt to ensure we are preparing our children for the jobs of tomorrow, not yesterday. This continued education includes vocation and certificate programs that lead right to jobs that are available today, such as those in healthcare. This education should not lead to a life of debt, as that throttles our next generation of entrepreneurs and business owners from taking risks and thinking big.  
  • Comprehensive Immigration Reform: Expanding the H2A visas will help bring in the influx of legal workers that our farmers and technology companies need to keep up with demand – our broken immigration system should not be yet another obstacle for our businesses to overcome. 
  • Protecting Natural Resources: In this beautiful region, our soil, lakes, and rivers are crucial to our agricultural and tourism industries. In addition to protecting them for environmental reasons, we must also acknowledge their incredible value to our economy and maintain them through water quality monitoring, maintaining the NY moratorium on  hydraulic-fracturing, investing in clean energy and continuing to fund climate change research.