Education is integral to our families, community, citizenship, and economy; high quality education from pre-K through professional and graduate schools is the tide that lifts all boats.  

Education begins with our youngest: I support the expansion of universal Pre-K education and the Head Start program, so that all children can come to kindergarten with the same advantages and ready to learn.

We must strengthen our public schools.  Federal/state/local funds are needed to level the playing field, beginning with making sure that all of our schools have good teachers. Let’s pay teachers what they deserve.  Competitive wages reflect the incredibly important work that they do, and we want to keep talented teachers in the classroom.   

Support for Associate-Degree Level Education
Because college is not for everyone, I support federal funding for trade, training, certification, and apprenticeship programs, not just four year degrees.  In fact, the requirements of our workforce today are such that employers need graduates with a two year degree or its equivalent of workforce readiness. I therefore support expanding Pell Grants and other programs to fund associate degrees or the equivalent.  

Four Year, Graduate and Professional Degree Education
Students motivated to do a four year degree, professional or graduate school should be able to go to the institution of their choosing and abilities without crippling student debt.  I therefore support making loans to qualified prospective students interest free. For those already suffering under the burden of student debt, I support refinancing.